Wedding Party

Michelle Kang

Maid of Honor

Sister of the bride.

Fan of cooking shows and documentaries,
but will fall asleep during Pixar movies.

Clara Hahn


Sister of the groom.

Health guru and master chef.
Once tried to convince the bride to bake vegan cookies.

Chaehee Shin


Best friend of the bride.

Museum enthusiast and aspiring yogi.
The Orginial C.

Minjoo Lim


Best friend of the bride.

Was present when the bride and groom met.
Follows the best dog accounts on Instagram.

Tim Chung

Best Man

Best friend of the groom.

Stargazer and undercover bookworm.
Stole Charles away from his previous BFF. (Sorry Joon).

Johnathon Han


Brother of the groom.

Breakdancer. Always down for dessert.
Once did a back-flip off a wall at a talent show.

Denny Park


Homie of the groom.

This homie did not send a fun fact to the bride and groom in time.
You are more than welcome to ask him for a fun fact at the wedding!

Andy Huynh


Homie of the groom.

Obsessed with motorcycle culture, and dying to get a Harley.
Only reason he's growing his hair out now is so that it’ll look sweet when he goes riding with Charles.
Snow and Ivy